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Our Story

It was a sunny summer morning in 2021, and I was craving a surf sesh, but the waves were flat as pancakes. BUMMER. I started looking into other ways to catch a wave. I grew up surfing off the back of my dad's boat wake, and figured I'd find a charter around for an experience like that. To my surprise, there were NO watersport charters available in the Jersey Shore area. (Cue lightbulb moment).

Well, if I couldn't find a wave, I'd make one! I quickly got to work finding the best wake boat on the market, and Salty Dog was quickly born. My childhood was filled with amazing memories boating with my family, and I'm so stoked I can now share that passion and experience into this business. We are now the first and only wakesurfing charter on the Jersey Shore, and it's been nothing but fun since. There's truly no better way to spend a summer day than out on the water, and we love being able to give that experience.

Our Mission

We are here to share the joy of watersports and love for the outdoors to shredders of all ages! Join us for wake surfing, wakeboarding, water skiing and tubing sessions at both beginner and advanced levels. Combining our crew’s years of experience and world class equipment, your group is sure to have a safe and epic day on the water.



Your safety is our highest priority. Everything from our procedures to equipment has been thought through with your safety in mind.



We strive to navigate our business with respect for our passengers, riders, crew, the environment, wildlife and all others sharing the rivers and oceans.



Whether you want to relax with friends or learn to wake surf, we want you to have the best time ever! At the end of the day, having fun is what we're all about.

The Boat

The Salty Dog is a sea blue 2023 Axis T250, one of the most premier vessels in the industry for watersports and one of the cleanest for emissions (rated “Level Five Extremely Clean” by the state of California). The 25' boat can seat up to 18 (but only 6 are allowed on a charter per NJ Coast Guard Regulations). It includes cupholders, storage, blue tooth speakers, a shaded canopy, and makes waves that will have you frothing!

DSC_1404 (1).JPG

Meet The Crew

The Salty Dog Crew are like-minded friends who have love for the ocean, fun, and adventure. We are all New Jersey locals and grew up enjoying the beauty of our beaches and rivers. We each have our own set of skills and experience to offer guidance to ensure you have the time of your life. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time rider, we deliver personalized service, tailored to your skill level and preferences.



Founder & Captain

Ryan grew up water skiing and surfing the greater Sandy Hook Bay area. His passion for watersports and love for the Jersey Shore inspired him to share the experience with others through Salty Dog Charters. Ryan is a 6 year US Veteran.

  • Certified US Coast Guard Captain

  • Certified in CPR/AED basic life support through the AHA

  • Boat License

Stance: Goofy

Favorite Hobby: Surfing

Body of Water: Ocean

Meal: Catch of the Day

Local Restaurant: 2nd Jetty

Surf Playlist: Sugar Shack

Favorite Trip: Caribbean Islands

Sea Animal: Dolphin

Day Job: Powerwash Company Owner & Vacation Home Renter 




Sean is an officer in the US Navy Reserves with experience navigating massive ships. He spends several months of the year voyaging across the seas, but when he's on land he enjoys anything that gets him outdoors: skiing, hiking, biking, etc.

  • US Coast Guard Masters License

  • Certified in CPR/AED basic life support through the AHA

  • Boat License

Stance: Regular

Hobby: Mountain Biking

Body of Water: Lake

Meal: Steak

Local Restaurant: Off the Hook

Surf Playlist: Yacht Rock

Favorite Trip: Guatemala

Sea Animal: Shark

Day Job: Longshoreman



Mate & Marketing

A NJ local, Emily uses a Nikon D30200 to capture your day so you can spend less time on your screen and more time having fun and being present! She loves taking fun videos for Salty Dog's social media, so if you catch her filming, throw a shaka!

  • Certified in CPR/AED basic life support through the AHA

  • Boat License

Stance: Regular

Hobby: Travel

Body of Water: River

Meal: Sushi

Local Restaurant: One Willow

Surf Playlist: Taylor Swift

Favorite Trip: Japan

Sea Animal: Blue Whale

Day Job: Event Manager

Screen Shot 2023-06-22 at 1.08.26 PM.png


Co-Captain, Surf Coach

Chris is an experienced marina man who lives in his boat and school bus with his dog, Bear. Growing up surfing the Jersey Shore, he will be sure to reveal all the tips and tricks to get you shredding. When not in NJ, catch him skiing in the Tetons.

  • Certified US Coast Guard Captain

  • Certified in CPR/AED basic life support through the AHA

  • Boat License

Stance: Goofy

Hobby: Skiing

Body of Water: Ocean

Meal: Burritos

Local Restaurant: Proving Ground

Surf Playlist: Grateful Dead

Favorite Trip: Hawaii

Sea Animal: Octopus

Day Job: Marina Manager

Drop us a Line

Salty Dog Watersports

1 Atlantic St, Highlands, NJ 07732

+1 732-614-9813

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